Peekskill Fire Department


The Fire Department serves and protects the lives, property and interests of the citizens and proprietors of the City of Peekskill.

Department Make-Up

The department has approximately two hundred volunteers and twenty-four career firefighters. We operate four engines, one aerial platform,one heavy rescue, two paramedic fly cars and one utility vehicle. The Department has three Chiefs, 5 Deputy Chiefs, two Captains, 7 First Lieutenants, six Second Lieutenants, twelve trustees and one Municipal Training Officer. The Department also has several committee chairpersons who are responsible for special assignments. There are six Fire Companies in The City of Peekskill, Columbian Engine Co. # 1, Cortlandt Hook & Ladder Co. #1, Washington Engine Co. #2, Columbian Hose Co. #1, Centennial Hose Co. #4, and the Peekskill Fire Patrol.

Chiefs: The Chief of the department is Robert Fiorio, the First Assistant Chief is Vinny Malaspina, and the Second Assistant Chief is John Rose. TThe Deputy Chiefs are John Esposito, Robert Boddie, James Howard, John Pappas and Lenny Varella Jr. The Chief and his assistants are responsible for all daily operations of the department. The responsibilities include but are not limited to firefighting, purchasing, reporting, staffing, maintenance and public relations.