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Peekskill Fire Rescue

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Welcome to the home page of the Peekskill Volunteer Fire Department. We hope you enjoy our page and check back with us often.

During his swearing in speech on January 1, 2014, Mayor Frank Catalina spoke about the New Firehouse. In his speech the Mayor called for a public referendum for the construction of the firehouse. We all know the conditions of the existing buildings. Station 2 has been closed for over a year because it was unfit for Career Firefighters to inhabit. Station 3 and 5 are infested with rodents (both mice and rats). The bathroom is continually leaking and there are no separate facilities for female firefighters. The floor in the meeting is made of asbestos tiles which are cracking. The ceiling in the weight room leaks water from the apparatus room in Station 3. The floor at station 1 is caving in due to the weight of the apparatus and the career bedroom is located right behind the apparatus. The Chief of the Department does not have an office. He is given a mechanical room with no ventilation or fresh air. These are just a few of the problems with our current stations. If we are to finally get our new home approved we need to make the public aware of the conditions of the stations. 

March Dates to Remember

March 4 Monthly Meeting Washington Engine and Centennial Hose

March 5 Monthly Meeting Columbian Engine and Peekskill Fire Patrol

March 6 Meeting Cortlandt H&L and Centennial Hose

March 7 Fire Police Meeting Station 5 

​March 8 Department Drill Station 6 08:30

March 10 Department Drill Station 2 19:00

​March 12 Association Meeting

​March 15 St. Patrick's Parade 13:30

March 19 Officers' Meeting

March 22 Fill the Boot

March 27 Trustees' Meeting

Trustees' Meeting


The Secret List 3/4/14 0800 hrs


We regret to pass on to you that the Peekskill (Westchester County) Fire Department sadly reports the LODD of Career Firefighter Kevin J. Bristol. Kevin worked the night shift on 3/2,3 . Reports are that the Department responded to a kitchen fire at 05:57 AM. Kevin returned to his station and went off shift at 07:00. Around 14:00 his wife found him unresponsive and not breathing. Funeral arrangements are not finalized at this time. Our condolences to all affected. RIP.

This is a poem written by 1st Assistant Chief Vinny Malaspina in tribute to his friend Fallen Firefighter Kevin J. Bristol.


                                           My Friend

I knew you as a kid, growing up without a care,

I knew you as a firefighter, strong, dedicated, a man without fear,

You battled the demons form the fires of Hell,

Fighting courageously,

And bravely you did these things well,

And until the fire was out and the call of the situation under control was relayed,

You were proud to be a fighter, proud of the role you played.

There was never a time you didn't lend a hand, 

To every firefighter, young women or man,

So I say this now  to St. Peter at the Pearly Gates of Heaven,

Extend your arms,

Here comes a great firefighter,

Here comes Kevin.

And this I'll be sure of Kevin your work will never end.

So rest in Peace, my Brother, Rest in Peace my Gentle Giant Friend.

PEEKSKILL – A three-alarm fire ripped through the Peekskill Central Market early Sunday morning.

Between 75 and 100 firefighters responded to the blaze at 900 Main St. around 2:15 a.m. The fire started in a dumpster on the first floor and quickly spread to second and third floors through the heating and air-conditioning ducts, according to Fire Chief Robert Fiorio.

"There was minor fire damage," he said, "but extensive smoke and water damage throughout the building."

The handsome 14,000-square-foot brick building dates to 1838 and once housed Kurzhals Hardware. It is currently being redeveloped by Gabriel Arango, a White Plains landlord, as retail and rental apartment space.

The building was empty at the time of the fire, and there were were no reported injuries.

But firefighters had to find a way inside the burning building, which was boarded up. It took firefighters about 75 minutes to bring blaze under control, Fiorio said.

"The place was all boarded up tight," he said. "So access was a little less than desired."

Fiorio said the fire is being treated as accidental. The exact cause is under investigation. Workers were inside the building on Saturday doing construction, Fiorio said.

On Sunday, the acrid smell of smoke hung in the air as the developer's son, Gabriel Arango, stood outside and surveyed the damage.

The garage door had been smashed and the interior of the first floor was dripping wet.

"Thankfully, it's not as bad as it looks," said Arango, 28. "It looks like it only really burnt the back of the building and the garage section."