The Peekskill Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for new members. If you would like to join us just fill out the information on the Contact link on the main menu and we will get back to you.

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Recently Deceased Members 2022

Dennis Strosser Centennial Hose #4

​Matt Moore Cortlandt Hook and Ladder #1

​David Engel Cortlandt Hook and Ladder #1

​Rich Knizeski Centennial Hose #4

July Dates to Remember ​

July 5 Washington Engine Meeting TBA, Cortlandt H&L Meeting Zoom

July 6 Columbian Engine Meeting Zoom, Fire Patrol Meeting TBA 

July 6 Webnair 19:00

July 7 Columbian Hose Meeting TBA, Centennial Hose Meeting TBA

July  8 Fire Police Meeting TBA

July 12 Department Drill

July 13 Association Meeting 19:30 

July 20 Webnair 19:00

July  21 Officers Meeting

July  21 Trustees Meeting

July 27 Webnair 19:00




Welcome to the home page of the Peekskill Volunteer Fire Department. We hope you enjoy our page and check back with us often.

Peekskill Fire Rescue

Westchester County                       Department 234

On April 9th The Peekskill Volunteer Fire Department held our Annual Medal Ceremony. Members were awarded attendance awards and three Unit Citations were given out and one Valor Award.

2019 Attendance Awards                                                Spins on the Hudson Unit Citation September 20, 2019

Deputy Chief John Pappas 384 Calls                               Deputy Chief John Pappas

1st Ass. Chief Mike Sniffen 381 Calls                             Captain James Sniffen                 

2nd Asst Chief John Kelly 289 Calls                                Lieutenant Carlos Castillo

Chief John Rose 284 Calls                                                Firefighter Mauro Duran

Lt. Dan Langworthy 225 Calls                                          Firefighter Ricardo Suarez

Firefighter Don Ettinger 221 Calls                                    Firefighter Dom Perruccio

FP Lt. Paul Parker 216 Calls                                             Firefighter Pat Matwijec

Captain James Sniffen 211 Calls                                       Firefighter Barbara Matwijec

Firefighter Dom Perruccio 203 Calls                                Firefighter Rayshaun Williams

FP Capt. Tom Walker 192 Calls                                       Blue Mtn  Mud Rescue Unit Citation January 16, 2020

Firefighter Pat Matiwijec 190 Calls                                 Deputy Chief John Pappas

Cant. Steve Roberts 157 Calls                                         Deputy Chief Robert Boddie 

FP Barbara Matwijec 155 Calls                                       Captain James Sniffen

Lt. Carlos Castillo 150 Calls                                            Firefighter Dom Perruccio

Firefighter James Sandoval 138 Calls                              Firefighter James Sandoval

Firefighter Ricardo Suarez 116 Calls                               Firefighter Debbie Sniffen

Firefighter Carlos Bacolima 85 Calls                              

Firefighter Creighton Macpherson 80 Calls                    

Washington Street Fire October 6, 2018

 Captain James Sniffen Valor Award

Deputy Chief John Pappas Unit Citation               

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